Bundu Gear started as an inspiration in 2013 from the desire to manufacture a great quality product. Our products evolved every year and our mission is to guarantee our client that our products are built with safety, integrity and passion in mind. Our products today have been tested to the max in its natural environment and we are proud of the great quality our products represent.

Today we are proud to be the Official off road supplier to Mahindra South Africa and we are aiming to make big breakthrough’s in the outdoor business.

We are proud to be
the official off-road
supplier to
Mahindra South Africa
and we are aiming to make
big break-throughs in the
outdoor business.
Bundu Gear has been a proud supplier to Mahindra South Africa for many years now and we have enjoyed the journey with them. We are focused on taking great leaps in the designing and manufacturing of our Mahindra products. There is no challenge we are not willing to take.
The Bundu Gear Toyota Landcruiser replacement bullbar and integrated towbar is strong, well fitted and designed to protect and assist the driver in the harshest environment. With the integrated towbar that is SABS approved at 3,5 ton towing capacity it can definitely hold its own in the harshest environment.
All Bundu Gear products include a complete bracket that consists of crumple zones which is designed to absorb the energy upon impact. Damage to the vehicle is largely reduced and safety is ensured for the driver and passengers.